at T. Scandia Motors,

At T. Scandia Motors, we strive to consistently provide our customers with quality service by sharing our knowledge, experience, and disciplined work ethic. So, come see us and let our family take care of your family!

Our History

First was the Volvo…

T. Scandia first opened its doors to Portland area Saab and Volvo drivers over 30 years ago; however, the seed of love for Swedish cars was planted in our family when our mother brought home her first Volvo in 1963. Volvos have been part of our lives ever since. Enthusiasm and curiosity spurred the brothers, Ben and Raymond, to start taking apart cars and learning auto mechanics in their teenage years.

…And then Saabs

In the 1970s, there were no Saabs in Thailand, but when our family moved to the United States in the early 1980s, Saabs were brought into the family fold with the same fervor we had for Volvos. In 1985, our passion for Swedish cars took another form. The brothers wanted to share their enthusiasm and expertise with other Swedish car lovers, and we all got behind their vision. Ben began working on Saabs and Raymond began working on Volvos, while the girls, Susie and Regina, took care of the office and parts. Our mother (whose Volvo started it all) was our banker! Then and now, T. Scandia Motors is not just a business. It’s a family affair.

Now Subaru, Too!

In recent years, based on our customers’ suggestions and requests, we have adopted Subaru as our youngest family member, and we’re proud to say it’s a happy fit. Subaru drivers care about safety and reliability, and of course, they love the great outdoors! These are all qualities and concerns we share.

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